About us

Our Story

BeeCustom is much more than your everyday custom printing solution, it is a statement. No matter your requirement(s), BeeCustom will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you get precisely what you pay for. We take great pride in the experience we have gathered over the years, which in turn reflects in our work. Unlike other brands, we don’t dictate what is right for our customers, but instead, we involve them in each and every step for the best possible results.

Coming from humble beginnings, the team behind BeeCustom has come a long way. We have managed to make a name for ourselves in a short amount of time, which is mostly due to our unique approach for creativity and innovation. Be it clothing, bags, flyers and brochures and so on, BeeCustom will have you covered.

Who We Are

BeeCustom is a full-service e-commerce platform. We offer a wide array of digital printing for customized products, the highest quality printing, and cutting edge market place solutions.

For us, no printing job is too big or too small. Feel free to contact our team today to know more about the different types of printing we do. Remember, once you work with us, you’d never have to worry about your custom printing requirements again.

This is not all. Our website has a dedicated marketplace for sellers and buyers to connect. If you want to sell your customized products, make the most of our auction section.

What You Can Expect from BeeCustom

Custom Printing

We specialize in fast, custom, on-demand digital printing solutions including brochure and banner printing as well as promotional material printing. When compared to our competition, we print faster, cheaper, and better! We also have extensive experience in corporate printing, including custom promotional materials for business and corporate events.

We take pride in working with small businesses and strive to deliver printing solutions that are affordable and effective. When working with us, rest assured that your printing job will go well without any delays or errors.

What keeps BeeCustom way ahead of the competition is the use of state-of-the-art printing equipment and technology. We’ve kept pace with the changing technology and take our upgrades very seriously. Our advanced printing equipment can fulfill all kinds of printing job, including banners, posters, promotional business material, and just about any other task you can think of.

All Materials Printed in One Click

The importance of exceptional designing, formatting, and printing your marketing and event materials can never be underestimated. We provide our clients with the best-customized printing options that make their events a hit. Call our knowledgeable staff today to get experience the best in printing. Remember, we can match all of your requirements and facilitate your job from start to finish.

Timely Delivery

We understand that marketing and promoting your business or event takes a lot of effort and time from your side. Our expert team works tirelessly to deliver your work on time. We also offer the best print quality for your convenience.

Superb Print Quality

One thing that you can completely trust BeeCustom for is always delivering excellent printing quality. We make use of the latest equipment and techniques to create eye-catching products, be it brochures, flyers, or even a customized t-shirt.

Dedicated Staff

Our team of highly skilled personnel can handle your workload without any issues. We also deliver the promised print quality and are extra supportive with the customers. Luckily, our staff can meet all your printing requirements with perfection.

There are times when you would want to keep in touch with us for updates on your orders or for different print related queries. Our customer support can cater to your complaints and inquiries. If you have requests for additional services, we can address them swiftly and professionally as well.

Market Place

Now you can grow your business with our dedicated marketplace solutions. If you want to sell your custom printed accessories, clothing, and marketing material, this is the place to be. Just drop us an email or connect with one of our knowledgable experts to know more about how you can benefit from our marketplace. The good news is that our marketplace will have both regular and custom printed products.


Want to promote your customized masterpiece? Are you looking to get hands on the beautifully crafted, customized brochure, visiting card, or a t-shirt? Our auction area is where this is possible. Presently, you can register as a vendor on our website to auction your products. All you have to is enter your credit card details and personal information to set up your account. Please note that we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal.